Russian Kettlebells

So just what is a kettlebell? A kettlebell is a cast iron ball with a handle attached to the top of it (picture a cannonball with a handle on the top). This design makes kettlebells different from training with dumbbells because the weight of a kettlebell is not distributed evenly, thus creating the need to counter balance and stabilize during your workout. This counterbalancing leads to deep core strength.

Why train with kettlebells? QUICK RESULTS!!! The ultimate in cutting edge strength training, cast iron Kettlebells are used to develop the correct blend of strength with flexibility for MAXIMUM fat burning and muscular endurance. Shred your mid-section, tone your legs and strengthen your back while pushing your cardio capacity to the limit!

Even 10 minutes of kettlebells gives you more core strength and full-body cardio training than an hour in the gym!

Exercising with kettlebells targets all of the major muscle groups as well as the stabilizing muscles, delivering a full body workout in an extremely efficient amount of time. Because of the short time it takes to get a good workout in with kettlebells, they are the ideal tool for the busy mom, working man – or anyone looking to get in shape with just a few minutes of exercise a day. Kettlebells are also for people of all ages, weights, and builds. If you are overweight, you will melt fat by burning tons of calories. If you are thin, you will develop muscle mass.

Don’t be intimidated by the seemingly “hardcore” look of kettlebells and those who use them to stay fit. Kettlebells work great for professional body building, but they are also great for beginners. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had no weight training experience. With a few simple instructional classes, anyone can effectively use kettlebells to burn fat and tone muscles.

Tod Livengood Front Split Joint Mobility

Most importantly, working with kettlebells is pretty fun. Most people find they prefer it to most other exercise methods once they’ve tried it. Feel free to call or e-mail if you have additional questions.