Tod Livengood


Tod Livengood has 30 year of training in martial arts and 20 years experience in the Esoteric healing arts of China and Tibet. Tod teaches Qi-gong, Russian Kettlebells, TRX, and joint mobility. Tod is a 3rd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate and is Russian Kettlebell certified through Pavel Tsatsouline. Tod also performs Chinese Relaxation Massage, Tibetan Energy Work and Emotional Release Body Work.

Tod is an apprentice with Max Christensen,  Chinese Taoist name, Ching Fung Dao Shr, and teaches the KUNLUN® System.


Paul Butler

Paul Butler earlier in life trained in the art of Zen Buddhism with Sensei Ogui of Cleveland Buddhist Temple, Daido Roshi and Eido Roshi. Paul has also studies the Red Path and performed healing and sweat lodge with Ojibway medicine man and his apprentice. Paul has also sat in counsel with the Dalai Lama and has studied many esoteric schools and practices. Paul has trained in QiGong with Tod Livengood.

Paul Butler is an apprentice with Max Christensen, Chinese Taoist name, Ching Fung Dao Shr, and teaches the KUNLUN System at Livengood Health and Wellness.



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